Batman vs Superman: Who is the best superhero? Vote Now

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Batman: Coming from the DC universe, batman is the only superhero without super strength or magical capabilities.

Known publically as Bruce Wayne, Batman uses his intelligence, training and intuition to match other superheroes.

Apart from skillfully putting an end to the schemes of his arch enemy Joker, batman always finds the solution to a problem.

Superman: Almost undefeatable and coming from the DC universe, superman is still the favorite in the hearts of many

Superman is originally a kryptonian with super strength, X ray vision, laser vision, flight and super hearing.

The character becomes extremely weak when exposed to Kryptonite but has a very strong will even without his superpowers.

Who among Batman and Superman is the best superhero?

Make a vote for your dearly loved superhero

Choose your favorite superhero from below and vote to make him win. The Superhero with the highest number of votes will stand ahead. Don’t hesitate to vote for the best superhero that has inspired you. Share with your friends to get more votes. A person can only make one vote in 24 hours.

Batman vs. Superman

Comment on your opinions about your beloved superhero

Make a comment on the opinions you have about your favorite superhero

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