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One of the best portrayal of teenage unity and the wonderful experience of the life associated with it is depicted through the work of boy groups. The groups have young male artists who are exceptional singers falling in the teenage category or a maximum of up to 20 years old at the time their group began to become functional with respect to delivering some of the best songs that is capable of attracting people from all over the world.

They are capable of mesmerizing women with their awesome romantic touch in the music aimed at taking them into their fantasy world when listening to the music. Apart from their exceptional ability to sing and produce wonderful songs they are capable of making awe inspiring performances in terms of dance.

These groups are usually the result of good friendship between young people who can sing very well and are capable of forming a mutual understanding between each other. Some music groups are known to have come from the church choir groups or are formed by managers or producers by conducting auditions for the performers and then making them a group.

Teenage women prefer their songs due to its vibrant nature and the style that portrays about the teenage specialty. Some of the earliest examples of teenage groups that are popular all over the world are Backstreet boys, West life etc. The public image formed by the group in terms of appearance and the latest news about them has the capacity to influence a large number of audiences.

The group members generally have a unique style of their own which depicts some characteristic of the particular member. The teenage people generally tend to follow the style and trends set by the groups due to the influence and impacts their songs have on the life of the teenagers. Our lists of boy groups are from the top performers in South East Asia as there are number of boy bands in South East Asia who have proved their talent in the world arena.

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  1. SB19 is the PPOP kings. Let’s Stan SB19 whose members are Justin, Ken, Stell, Josh and Pablo. Ken has just released his smash hit debut single PALAYO. SB19 is a multitalented boy group.

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