Famous Yoga Teachers in Australia

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We had 243 designations for 93 teachers for New Zealand and Australia’s Best Up-and-Coming Yoga Teachers. In light of the composed tributes from understudies, and some exploration of our own, we trimmed the 93 down to 22 teachers. Those last 22 teachers we posed three inquiries:

  • What does instructing yoga intend to you?
  • How would you live your yoga?
  • What’s your home yoga practice like?

These are the outcomes, in sequential request. We didn’t take a gander at areas when we were picking the best teachers, and the conclusive outcomes mirror the higher number of NZ teachers selected.

Over all, this is definitely not an ideal procedure. It’s exceptionally abstract! What we learned was that there are some astounding yoga teachers out there in our networks doing incredible work. From various perspectives, these ten teachers underneath are ‘worse’ than different teachers – they are illustrative of them.

  1. Kino MacGregor

    Kino MacGregor 1

  2. Madalin Giorgetta

    Madalin Giorgetta 1

  3. Amanda Bisk

    Amanda Bisk 1

  4. Danielle King
    Danielle King 1

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