Golden State Warriors vs. Toronto Raptors: Which is the best team? Vote Now

by Thetopfamous Editor

Golden State Warriors: The team from San Fransico has the record for most number of victories in best regular season and was found in 1946

The team has won the championship more than once and they are in the process of rebuilding positive stats after the loss to Torronto in finals

The team has fans from all over the world and the current team consists of famous players like Looney Kevon and Thompson Klay

Toronto Raptors: The team from Canada came into existence from 1995 after NBA gained popularity in Canada.

The team came out as the champions of the finals in the year 2019 and also were the winners of Atlantic division six times

The team has prominent players like Hakeem Olajuwon and Tracy McGrady who played an important role in bringing up the team’s reputation

Which is the best team among Toronto Raptors and Golden State warriors?

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