Jim Carrey vs. Adam Sandler – Who is the best Comedian?

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Jim Carrey: Starting his career as a comedian, the Canadian actor first appeared in the comedy television series “In living Color”

He was famous for his funny roles in the Mask, Ace Ventura and millions of people worldwide became his fans. Jim Carrey is also a, producer, writer, artist and author

Born on the 17th of January in 1962, the actor is widely accepted for his expression onscreen which puts a smile on the face of any viewer.

Adam Sandler: Coming from New York, Adam Sandler is another high grossing actor who is also capable of production, script writing, singing and songwriting

Born on 9th September 1966 the actor can make people laugh through his dramatic comedy and is best known for his movie “Grownups”.

The actor has won many awards for his performances in varies venues and has a huge volume of fans throughout the world

Who among Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler is the best comedian?

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