Joe Montana vs. Tom Brady : Who is the best Football Player? Vote Now

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Joe Montana: Otherwise known as “Joe cool” or the “Comeback kid” Montana was an American football player who was the first to be called as the most valuable player for his super bowls.

The quarterback from Pennsylvania was also called as the Sportsman of the year by the media for his exceptional performance in American Football.

Born on 11th June 1956, he was well known for staying calm no matter how serious the game progressed.

Tom Brady: Regarded as the greatest quarterback in American football history, Tom Brady was popular among the media for his game style.

Brady has won numerous awards and set records like the maximum number of Super Bowl MVP awards and NFL MVP awards

Born on the 3rd of August 1977, he managed to become the quarterback who was able to make it up to 200 regular season wins

Who among Tom Brady and Joe Montana is the best player?

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