Kevin Hart vs Dwayne Johnson : Who is the best actor? Vote Now

by Thetopfamous Editor

Kevin Hart: The actor had a humble beginning by competing at clubs in England after which he was chosen for a role in a TV series called Undeclared

Born on 6th July 1979, he’s known for his role in Little Fockers everywhere and his style of speech makes everyone laugh

The actor made his way to the most influential people in the world list and is a winner of numerous awards

Dwayne Johnson: Known by everyone as the Rock, Dwayne Johnson is one of the highest paid actors of Hollywood

Born on 2nd May 1972, Dwayne is admired for his fitness and his action scenes have a real effect on the emotions of the viewer

The actor has done many welfare activities and can put up a smile on the face of his audiences when it comes to comedy

Who among Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson is the best actor?

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