Albrechtsburg, Meißen Castle (1/15)

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The Albrechtsburg is a Late Gothic castle situated in the town focal point of Meissen in the German territory of Saxony. It is arranged on a slope over the waterway Elbe, contiguous the Meissen Cathedral.

In 929 King Henry I of Germany stifled the Slavic Glomacze clan at the Siege of Gana and manufactured a post within their settlement territory, arranged on a stone high over the Elbe river.[1] This castle, called Misnia after a close by rivulet, turned into the core of the town and from 965 the home of the Margraves of Meissen, who in 1423 procured the Electorate of Saxony.

From 1464, Elector Ernest of Saxony managed jointly with his more youthful sibling Albert the Bold and both had the present-day castle based on 1471. Crafted by court manufacturer Arnold of Westphalia was developed exclusively as a habitation, not as a military stronghold (the primary German castle worked for such a reason). At the point when the siblings separated the Wettin lands by the 1485 Treaty of Leipzig, the castle of Meissen was given to Albert. Despite the fact that Albert's child Duke George the Bearded lived at the Albrechtsburg, it was before long supplanted by Dresden Castle as the new seat of the Wettin Albertinian line.

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