Benrath Palace, Dusseldorf (4/15)


Schloss (Benrath Palace) is a Baroque-style maison de plaisance (joy palace) in Benrath, which is presently a district of Düsseldorf. It was raised for the Elector Palatine Charles Theodor and his significant other, Countess Palatine Elisabeth Auguste of Sulzbach, by his nursery and building executive Nicolas de Pigage. Development started in 1755 and was finished in 1770. The outfit at Benrath has been proposed for assignment as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The main building, the focal corps de logis, for the Elector Palatine and his better half is flanked by two angled even wings, the maisons de cavalière, which originally housed the workers. They halfway encompass a round lake, the Schlossweiher (palace lake), in the north. On the southside lies a long rectangular lake, the Spiegelweiher (reflect lake). From the predescant castle, which stood some time ago in the mid of the long rectangular lake on the southside of the palace, is preserved just one of the worker wings, the purported Alte Orangerie (Old Orangery).

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