Burg Altena, Soest (5/15)

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Altena Castle (German: Burg Altena) is a medieval slope castle in the town of Altena in North Rhine-Westphalia. Based on a prod of Klusenberg slope, the castle lies close to the Lenne in the Märkischer Kreis.

The castle was raised by the early Counts of Berg in the mid twelfth century.[1] Eventually, the House of Berg abandoned Altena and moved their habitation to Hamm.

Apparently, the castle was worked by the siblings Adolf and Everhard von Berg around the year 1108 after Henry V conceded them land in Sauerland for their dependable administrations. On Wulfseck Mountain they assembled their castle, which they named Wulfeshagen, later Altena. This is one of the few legends of the foundation of the region of Altena and the building of the castle.

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