Burg Reichenstein, Germany (7/15)

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Reichenstein Castle (German: Burg Reichenstein), otherwise called Falkenburg is a castle in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley. It stands on a mountain prod on the eastern incline of the Bingen Forest, over the Rhineland-Palatinate region of Trechtingshausen in the Mainz-Bingen locale in Germany.

The primary notice of the castle happens in 1213, when Philipp III von Bolanden was appointed "castellanus" and bailiff by the Kornelimünster Abbey at Aachen. Its implied catch in 1253 remains a subject of discussion among specialists, however there is no uncertainty that King Rudolph I of Habsburg blockaded, caught, and obliterated the castle in 1282. At that point, Reichenstein was in the hands of wild looter knights drove by Dietrich von Hohenfels. Following its annihilation, King Rudolph preclude the castle from being revamped, and according to legend, had Dietrich and his adherents decapitated close to Saint Clement's Chapel (Clemenskapelle). In truth, it appears that, while his adherents were dangled from trees, Dietrich himself got away.

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