Burg Rheinstein, Castle, Germany (9/15)

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The castle was developed in around 1316/1317. Rheinstein Castle was significant for its key area. By 1344, the castle was in decline. When of the Palatine War of Succession, the castle was frail. During the sentimental period in the nineteenth century, Prince Frederick of Prussia (1794–1863) purchased the castle and it was revamped.

Burg Rheinstein has a working drawbridge and portcullis, which are run of the mill of medieval castle engineering and guards. The castle is available to the general population. Simply past the blessing shop close to the passage is an opening on the left to the yard, which has perspectives on the Rhine. Rheinstein's patio is known as the Burgundy Garden after the Burgundy grape vine growing there. The vine, which is around 500 years of age, despite everything produces grapes.

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