Burg Trifels Castle (10/15)

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Trifels Castle (German: Reichsburg Trifels) is a reproduced medieval castle at a rise of 500 m (1,600 ft) close to the unassuming community of Annweiler, in the Palatinate locale of southwestern Germany. It is found high over the Queich valley within the Palatinate Forest on one pinnacle of a red sandstone mountain split into three.[1] Trifels Castle is on the pinnacle of the Sonnenberg, and on both of the other two stone heights there are castle ruins: Anebos Castle and Scharfenberg Castle (demotically called Münz).

Trifels Castle has been step by step reestablished since the nineteenth century and today copies of the Imperial Regalia (Reichskleinodien) of the Holy Roman Empire are in plain view here. It is—as one with Hambach Castle—one of the most famous visitor destinations in the territory of Rhineland-Palatinate.

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