Nicolas Cage vs John Travolta: Who is the best Actor? Vote Now

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Nicolas Cage: The actor from America is also a successful filmmaker who takes maximum effort to give the audience the original feel of the character

Born on the 7th of January 1964, Cage has starred in numerous films of all kinds and has won many awards for his acting.

Women were mad about him during his earlier years and Cage is a very concerned person when considering his charitable activities

John Travolta: The actor from America can drive a plane, can sing and dance and is a part of numerous albums and singles.

He was born on the18th of February 1984 and is popular worldwide for his role of Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction

He won the best Actor award for his movie Get Shorty and is considered as one of the most outstanding performers in the international cinema

Who among John Travolta and Nicolas Cage is the best actor?

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Nicolas Cage vs. John Travolta

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