The Most Handsome Turkish Movie Actors in 2020

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The Turkish film industry, one of the most prominent film industries with versatile actresses and noted directors. The Turkish film industry is one of the most influential movie industries in the world. The vivid frames and contemporary relevant subjects make the Turkish cinema industry lucrative in world cinema. This remarkable journey of the Turkish film industry not only entertained Turkish audiences but all around in Europe also. Turkish art and culture are quite literally present in the Turkish movie industry. With highly praised movies won many international awards. A series of good movies in the Turkish film industry gained high popularity and appreciation. With the profound growth of the industry the actors and directors also won international popularity.

A series of top-rated, famous actors and actress turned Turkish film industry into one of the most notable film industry in the world around. This change happened drastically within couples of years. Most of the Turkish movies claimed international reputation and bagged many international awards also. Turkish movies won attention in many film festivals conducted world around.

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Here we have listed the most handsome Turkish movie actors in 2020

As based on the stylish looking and talents we have listed the most handsome Turkish movie actors, you can vote for your favourite most handsome actors and like him. Your each and every vote and like will promote him to sustain the first position in the list.

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Born: 12 October 1981
Occupation: Actor

Engin Akyürek
1,302,656 Votes

Born: 08 November 1989
Citizenship: Turkish
Occupation: Actor, model and lawyer

Can Yaman
508,490 Votes

Born: 26 July 1986

Erkan Meriç
202,416 Votes

Born: 14 February 1982
Occupation: Actor, model

Ibrahim Celikkol
39,356 Votes

Born: 17 February 1991
Occupation: Actor
Nationality: Turkish

Burak Deniz
16,808 Votes

Born: 09 October 1987
Citizenship: Switzerland, Turkey
Occupation: Actor

Barış Arduç
15,116 Votes

Born: 17 February 1991
Occupation: Actor
Nationality: Turkish

Burak Özçivit
8,700 Votes

Born: 15 January 1990
Nationality: Turkish
Occupation: Actor

Alp Navruz
6,391 Votes

Born: 31 May 1987
Occupation: Actor

Serkan Cayoglu
3,246 Votes

Born: 05 November 1987
Occupation: Actor, Mechanical engineer

Caglar Ertugrul
2,644 Votes

Born: 27 October 1983
Occupation: Actor, Model

Kivanc Tatlitug
2,062 Votes

Born: 25 August 1990
Nationality: Turkish
Occupation: Actor

Aras Bulut İynemli
1,985 Votes

You can make comment on your most handsome Turkish movie actors 2020

As the given list you can select your good looking actors. In case any of your favourite most handsome Turkish actors missing from the list, you can make comments and suggestions. We will consider your valuable comments and do our best to add your most stylish actors on the list. This is a great platform to give support and promote your most handsome Turkish movie actors in 2020

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  1. they all are very good actors but not all of them are handsome. maybe one or two kind of handsome for example Kivanc is ok . of course its my opinion as an American who votes for Chris Hemsworth ,
    Liam Hemsworth, Cole Sprouse ( he is kind of very young, have wait and see how he will look in 5 years) and do not forget Bradley Cooper. Go check them out

    1. I started watching some of the Turkish series here in South Africa. I fell in love with Turkish productions. I started watching a new series (Sen Çal Kapimi). The male lead (Kerem Bürsen) moved to the US when he was 12 years old. I love hearing him speak English on Instagram. He also played roles in US movies. I watch the other shows on sites with English subtitles as they just take way too long between series to do the dubbing. I also love Liam Hemsworth and many more American actors. My all time favourite: TOM CRUISE!!! Oh I get so much flack from my friends for various reasons. I cannot wait for Top Gun Maverick next year. 4DX here I come

  2. Dla mnie najlepszym i najpiękniejszym aktorem jest Murat Yildirim. Jego gra jest porywająca. He is the best actor on the world.💖❤💓💛💙💜🌷

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