Top 10 Famous Filipino Actors in 2020

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For the Philippines, the movie is still considered as the eminent form of entertainment and it is also a big means of revenue to the country. Filipino cinema stands the seventh position in producing a large number of films every year in the world. In the half of the 20th-century war and heroism was the prominent theme. Thereafter the Filipino cinema emerged with several serious films using developed cinematic techniques. Thus along with the development, Filipino cinema gained huge audiences internationally.

In fact, in a fair competition with Hollywood, the Filipino film industry succeeded and bloomed gradually. This film industry is the biggest film community around Asia. The industry created several actors and director. As the development of the industry, these talented artists gained an international reputation. In recent years the Filipino cinema produced big box office hits and claimed the world acclaim.

Here we have listed the top 10 famous Filipino actors in 2020

As based on the performance and skills we have selected a few actors from the Filipino movie industry. You can vote for your favourite actor. So as to keep the position first in the list the actor need your valuable votes. You can vote only once in 24 hours.

This poll has ended (since 8 months).

Alden Richards
2,329 Votes

Daniel Padilla
453 Votes

Paulo Avelino
98 Votes

Paolo Ballesteros
67 Votes

Enrique Gil
56 Votes

Vhong Navarro
51 Votes

Joshua Garcia
41 Votes

James Reid
36 Votes

Xian Lim
23 Votes

Robin Padilla
22 Votes

You can make comments also.

Your most favourite famous actors needed your votes and likes. In case any of your favourite famous Filipino actors missing from the list, you can make comments and suggestions on it. We will consider your comments and do our best to add your favourite actors on the list.
‌This is a great opportunity to support and promote your best top 10 famous Filipino actors.

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