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Yeonjun: Yeonjun came to prominence due to his role as the dancer, rapper and vocalist in the South Korean boy group called TXT. People love the uniqueness of his monolids.

Coming from Bundang gu, Seongnam City, Gyeonggi do, Yeonjun is a South Korean by nationality and he loves to skate, eat and dance during his past time.

He has deep love and care for his fans and he has stated that his fans are an inspiration for him. He is very sentimental at times. His birthday is on the 13th of September in the year 1999

Lee Know: Lee Know came to popularity due to his performances in the South Korean band called Lee Know and his full name is Lee Min Ho. His dad was an employee in the furniture industry.

Coming from Gimpo, Lee Know is a citizen of South Korea and has also appeared as a backup dancer for the band called BTS. He is known to have a unique and fun personality.

Sometimes his close friends have noticed that he says random stuff that does not mean anything. His birthday is on the 25th of October in the year 1998.

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Yeonjun vs Lee Know
Who is the Best Celebrity in 2021

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  1. Enserio MOA? Los chicos se esfuerzan mucho por nosotros y tienen mucho talento. Lo que podemos hacer por ellos es esforzandonos en las votaciones. Compartamos el link a más MOA por favor. Demotremosles a todos que no somos un fandom pequeño y que TXT son los lideres de la 4ta generación.

  2. Yeonjun is really dancing king , he is pro in stage and can dance even better than 3rd gen idol
    He is one of the best dancers

  3. el día del cumpleaños de Lee know es 25 de octubre no de septiembre, si lo podrían poner bien, lo agradecería

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