List of top best mobile phone brands in Australia 2023

With the rapid growth in the Australian mobile phone industry and the demand for the most advanced technology at reasonable rates, there is a high competition among the choice for mobile phone brands in Australia. Most of the population is on the run for the cheapest brand available for the best budget, but the factor that makes the brand famous, is the availability of a feature that has a reputation for the price like no other phone brand in the similar sector. Based on this quality of mobile phone brands, we have arranged a list of best mobile phone brands that are famous in Australia in the following manner:

Best mobile phone brands that are famous in Australia

1. Oppo

The Chinese manufacturer Oppo started their operations in Australia in the year 2014 with a wide variety of models and now they have managed to become one of the best top famous mobile phone brand by the year 2020.The models are categorized into X series, Reno Series and A series which have a number of mobile phones that match the different requirements according to the kind of customer. One of the reasons why Oppo turned out to become a famous mobile phone brand in Australia is because of its ability to accommodate the lowest price range with decent technology that makes a consumer feel accepted for his standard. Oppo not only accommodates a low price range but also caters to all price segments and standards. The customer satisfaction and the continued innovation that fulfills the user’s requirements make Oppo a best choice in the Australian market among the famous mobile phone brands prevalent.

2. Huawei

Another Chinese tech giant Huawei which offers 75 different models of mobile phones in Australia was a preferred choice for Australian consumers when Innovation was considered the key factor of choice making. The brand offered spectacular innovation and wide range of choices for the consumers when compared with other famous mobile phone brands in the Australian market. Though there were concerns regarding the company’s relationship with the Chinese government in spying the user’s information. The company managed to maintain its reputation in Australia due to its unmatched charging and camera features making it maintain its status as a choice for one of the best famous mobile phone brands in Australia

3. Samsung

A company of Korean origin was the bringer of the message which said not to wait. The message not to wait was in relation to the people waiting for the next big mobile phone, as Samsung quickly updated its technology at a fast rate. Thus, those who looked for a quick improvement in technology made Samsung as their choice. The galaxy series of the Samsung was what initiated its popularity as the best mobile phone brand as the galaxy series rivaled the technology of most other mobile phones offering a wide variety of choices under the categories Galaxy S, Galaxy Z, Galaxy Note, Galaxy A and Galaxy J. Though its pricing was a concern, Samsung managed to outweigh the issue with its technology and reputation.

4. One Plus

One plus was another Chinese sibling in the Australian market which slashed the rates of its mobile phones to a very high extent. This led to a very cheap availability of mobile phone technology in the Australian market. The company boasted a very high user experience at very cheap rates. Starting from One Plus-1 to One plus Nord, the brand offers a variety of mobile phones at very affordable prices. The very low rates led to the questioning of the quality of the brand. In spite of the questions about the quality, those who look for very cheap rates in purchasing mobile phones still consider One Plus as one of the best brands in the Australian mobile phone industry.

5. Google Pixel

Google’s pixel series developed by Google brought about a striking difference with respect to design, display and durability when compared with the price of other mobile phones in the similar price range. The camera quality seemed to adopt new technologies that were unknown to other brands. The price though higher than the cheap brands, instilled an unmatched quality in the user experience. Those who were looking for an upgrade in the quality chose the brand as their best option in the Australian market

6. Xiaomi

Xiaomi is also a Chinese brand which boasts about its affordable costs. The affordable costs have welcomed the brand to the Australian Markets. Apart from the affordable costs, what makes the brand unique in the Australian market is its software features. The software features like the design changes in the user interface of the brand provide a very great user experience at very affordable prices along with a decent quality, with respect to the price range. Those who look for a good quality of user interface for low price rates choose Xiaomi as their brand in the Australian phone industry.

7. Apple

Apple has its origins in America and is a mobile phone brand known for its huge volume of sales and high end technology. Though the pricing, which is relatively high when compared to other brands is not an issue for most of the consumers, when considering the brands reputation and customer feedback. Apple stands at the top for ensuring high end quality in terms of both software and hardware .The Iphone series from the apple stands unmatched in terms of durability, security and technology. Customers are willing to spend their extra dollars for this brand, due to its high end expertise and reputation in the mobile phone industry, thus making it one of the best brands in the Australian mobile phone industry.

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