Top 10 famous Pharmaceutical Companies in India 2023

With the high demand for drugs on the rise and the availability of pioneering technology on demand, India has become a game changer in the global arena of the pharmaceutical industry. The low cost manufacturing associated with the Indian companies was the factor responsible for the drawing of the global attention in the industry. The early investors who invested in the leading Pharmaceutical companies during the growing stages reaped a ransom amount with respect to the present market conditions. This indicates a steady growth in the pharmaceutical sector with respect to the Indian market and transformation of India into a global supplier of pharmaceutical products. Though there are issues in relation to the quality of the drugs manufactured and exported, Indian pharmaceutical Companies still remains to be a major source of income for the government. Based on the popularity and revenue, the following companies hold the top positions in the India Pharmaceutical Industry.

Here we have listed the best pharma companies in India

1. Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited

Sun pharmaceutical industries limited, the company known for expanding its territory by consuming other companies in the relevant field is a major player who has the maximum number of sales and revenue in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. The company which initially began with the manufacturing of products with respect to psychiatry now holds a reputed place in the production of drugs with respect to various therapeutic segments. With majority of its turnover from foreign markets, Sun pharmaceutical Industries still face challenges when it comes to resolving its regulatory issues. In spite of the issue, the company has managed to maintain its standard all over the world and as one of the top famous pharmaceutical company in India.

2. Dr. Reddy’s Lab

Dr. Reddy’s lab is a MNC which began with its operations from Hyderabad in India. Like the Sun Pharmaceuticals, majority of the company’s revenue are from foreign markets. The company also faces regulatory issues which has been a challenge for the growth of the company. Earning its reputation as one of the most trusted brands of India, the company has strong research tendencies which introduce new products in the market. Apart from India, the company has research facilities for new drug discovery in Atlanta. The company stands close and next to Sun pharmaceuticals in terms of revenue and popularity in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. In terms of acquisition of other companies, Dr. Reddy’s Lab is no lesser than Sun Pharmaceuticals.

3. Divis Laboratories Limited

Divis Laboratories came into existence from the product of a research oriented activity. The company began to produce generic drugs and API’s in the Indian Pharmaceutical industry as a part of its research oriented activity. The company presently has a huge volume of sales in the Indian market as well as foreign markets. The company has majority of its turnover from exports and its research nature has made it one of the most famous pharmaceutical company in the Indian pharmaceutical industry.

4. Cipla Limited

Cipla made its difference when it became the first Indian MNC to employ the chelation of iron in the manufactured tablets and providing antiretroviral therapy at a very low cost. The company has a considerable amount of sales in India as well as out of India. The company survived amidst the controversy it faced with respect to the contraceptive pills and still remains as a famous company in the Indian pharmaceutical industry.

5. Biocon Ltd

Biocon ltd is a Bangalore based company that supplies drugs to many other countries including India. The company furthered its research activities under the name of Syngene International limited. The company made many acquisitions and tie ups with respect to other pharmaceutical companies and still remains in the Indian market as one of the famous companies in India.

6. Aurobindo Pharmaceuticals

Aurobindo pharma is a Hyderabad based pharmaceutical company having business in more than 125 countries. Though the company began with the sale of penicillin, it has now spread its reach to other therapeutic segments. Majority of the company’s turnover are from exports, and its growth potential has made it a famous player in the Indian pharmaceutical industry.

7. Torrent Pharmaceuticals

Torrent pharma which was known as Trinity pharma, started its operations from Ahmedabad, which later on found success and spread to other states in India. The Indian company has now spread its business to over 40 countries. With an increase in the profit and the success story in India over the past years, Torrent Pharma has managed to be a well known pharmaceutical company in the Indian market.

8. Lupin Limited

With a huge global business volume in the general therapeutic segment and owing its nativity to Mumbai, Lupin has turned out to become an Indian MNC. Starting humbly with multi vitamins and progressing to TB products Lupin found a massive growth in the Indian market. The company still manages to acquire unwavering sales in the Indian market thereby maintaining its popularity.

9. Zydus Cadila


Focusing mainly on the manufacture of generic drugs, Zydus Cadila based at Ahmedabad in India was known for its distribution of drugs at very affordable prices. Though it began as a small scale company, the company now has its own research products .The strong marketing and sales strategy of the company has caused the company to make its stand in the Indian pharmaceutical market.

10. Abbott India Ltd

Abbott is a company having its origin as an American MNC,Abbott India is the Indian unit of the company with its major revenue coming from the injectables therapeutic segment, though Abbott is a global leader in pharmaceutical sales, its success in the Indian market is comparatively low. The Abbott brand is known for its manufacture of medical devices and diagnostics. Despite its difficulties in the Indian market, Abbott India still successfully runs its business in the Indian pharmaceutical market.

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