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The TV series from Turkey has some of the best reviews when it comes to worldwide competition. The series released have a vast variety comprising of romance, action, thriller and much more. The unique screenplay which makes the audience follow and adjust to the flow of story is almost common for every Turkish Sequel. The Turkish dramas are known for their capability of interacting with the emotions of the viewer. All of the dramas play a key role in portraying the culture of Turkey as it imparts a sense of belonging to the Turkish viewer and instills an inspiration in the ordinary viewer who is of non Turkish origin. Turkey is showing a fast growth rate when it comes to the production of Television series worldwide as Turkey has climbed past Mexico and Brazil to the second position competing against the United States for the first place.

The feedback from the viewers of the Turkish TV series worldwide has played an important role in bringing popularity to Turkey. The TV series are best known for the romantic spell it has cast on millions of viewers worldwide. The romantic dramas are indeed successful because of the story, but apart from the story, the chemistry between the couples in the series plays an important role in the success of the drama. The match between the couples who enact the story gives the viewer a feeling of originality that makes the person wish that they were real couples in reality. Some of the scenes from the intimacy of the couples manage to win tears of happiness or sadness depending on the scene.

Many of the scenes and the romance in the series are comparable to real life instances and make the audience wonder if the couples were originally a pair. Everybody has a soft heart towards romance and a supportive tendency to the pairing of the couples as the future of the world itself depends upon the right pairing of the right couples. Our list of couples contains the famous pairs from the Turkish TV series who have captivated the minds and hearts of millions worldwide. When it comes to the level of match between them, the world really needs to know who the best Turkish couple.

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