Kai (Exo) vs Mark (Got7) : Who is the Best Singer in 2024 ? Vote Now


Kai: He was known all over the world as a member of the South Korean Chinese boy group called Exo. His full name is Kim Jong- in and he is successful at acting, dancing, modeling and singing

His excellent acting can be seen in web series like Spring has come, Adante and Choco Bank and his interest towards dance began when he was lesser than ten years old. Though his early skills were Taekwondo and piano he became a part of SM entertainment due to the support received from his father. His birthday is on 14th January in the year 1994 and his native is Suncheon, South Jeolla in South Korea.

Mark: His full name is Mark Yien Tuan and people all over the world know him as a member of the South Korean boy group called Got7 and he is good at modeling, singing and rapping.

His birthplace is Los Angeles, California and his parents are Taiwanese. His birthday is on the 4th of September in the year 1993 and he is an American citizen. It was through an entertainment scout that he became a part of the JYP auditions. His parents and friends played a major role in the success of his musical career. He is also good at acrobatics and martial arts.

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Kai (Exo) vs Mark (Got7)
Who is the Best Singer in 2024 ?


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Singer vs Singer: Who is the Best Singer/Celebrity?

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