Lay (Exo) vs Jackson (Got7) : Who is the Best Rapper in 2024 ? Vote Now


Lay: Lay is a multitalented person who can write songs, sing, act and dance and was known all over the world as a member of the South Korean- Chinese boy group called Exo.

His full name is Lay Zhang and his first success was from his participation in the show called Star Academy. His movies like Kung Fu Yoga, Golden Eyes and the Island were popular all over the world and his acting was appreciated internationally. His interest towards the youth community gave him the opportunity to be a part of the CYLC and the autobiography released by him was a huge success. His birthday is on the 7th of October in the year 1991 and he comes from Changsha, Hunan and is a native of China.

Jackson: Jackson has shown that he can dance, sing and rap from his performances in South Korean boy group called Got7 and his full name is Jackson Wang

He has also gained some popularity by being a part of the reality show called “Roommate” and has hosted several other television shows. He is also good at fencing and has won prizes in international championships. His birthday is on the 28th of March in the year 1994 and he grew up in Sha Tin district though he was born in Kowloon Tong, British Hong Kong. His parents are top class sport performers who excelled in sports like gymnastics and fencing

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Lay (Exo) vs Jackson (Got7)
Who is the Best Rapper in 2024 ?

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