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The scenic beauty and the vast cultural heritage of Thailand have made it a special place of attraction suitable for tourists from all over the world. The country has seen a high amount of economical development in the recent years and stands second in South Asia in terms of economy. People of Thailand are known to have high standards of living and the recent industrialization has led to development in arts, science and technology.

Among the developments, advancement of Thailand film industry plays an important role with respect to the culture of the land. Though the film related issues were managed by the royal family during the early times, in the present days it has moved to international standards due to its recent quality from talented directors. Hollywood movies found good market in Thailand as most of the released Hollywood movies were a huge success

Later the trend changed in Thailand because of a sudden increase in the demand for local films. The Thai filmmakers and actors played an important role in changing the trend as some Thai movies were popular all over the world. Some actors like Tony Jaa have received international recognition for their performance.

Every actor cannot come to the top position and the fame is sometimes reduced to the talent, personality and beauty of the actor. An actor has to go through a great deal of hard work in terms of performance in order to be recognized by everyone. More and more actors are joining the race to become the best each day.

An actor should be very careful to maintain his physique, reputation and public image in order to make it to the top. The actor has to mold himself to the present standards of the industry and must be willing to take risks and experiment new roles. Our list of actors from Thailand includes the actors with the highest fan base and global popularity.

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